Helpful Links

Let’s face it: we’re up against quite a battle in the world today. There are many that would love to see the truth destroyed, and will sometimes go out of their way in order to make sure that happens. For that reason, we have to stand together and fight, and that includes what we do online.

Below is a list of blogs that I read regularly and study diligently, but the usual disclaimer applies: just because it is linked does not mean that I agree with every single thing that appears within its HTML. I encourage you to read and study like the Bereans did (Acts 17), and sift through the wheat and chaff as you seek to grow in His Word.

Plain Bible Teaching – This is the homepage of Andy Sochor, who preaches for the Eastside Church of Christ in Morgantown, KY. Andy puts out a weekly newsletter and also has written several books that may be of interest.

His Excellent Word – Matt Bassford’s blog does a fantastic job of addressing several current issues, and his handling of the material is always top notch. You could do a lot worse than spending a few hours perusing through some of his articles.

Faith, Family, Fitness, Food – Aside from posting daily workout selfies, Ben Lee also preaches for the Dowlen Road church of Christ in Beaumont, TX. As you can tell from the title, his articles focus on developing the body as well as the soul, and he always makes solid points that easily applicable.

De Verbo Vitae – Fantastic writing and apologetics from Ethan Longhenry, a converted atheist who now preaches in California. Ethan always writes on timely topics that are well-researched and well-articulated, and his page addresses a number of different topics.

Financial Freedom – After years of living paycheck to paycheck, Kevin Harrington finally decided he had had enough stress, and decided to make a change. His blog (which also offers financial coaching, among other services) tracks his story from a Biblical perspective.

Of a Bondservant – Jonathan Medley has an excellent blog that discusses a wide variety of topics that would be of an interest to anyone looking to grow as a Christian. I love how he describes himself as well: “CPA by training, a┬ábanker by trade, and a Christian by grace.” Can’t ask for much more than that.