For God So Loved the World

I’m pretty sure it’s a statistical fact that at least one football game per week has to have this guy in the stands. And it’s not just football games, it appears at baseball games right above the Taco Bell sign (hey, three of my favorite things!) It’s almost become cliche at this point, all part …

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What Did Jesus Think of Judas?

An unmistakable evil, one that rocked the world to it’s very core. A crime so despicable it could be thought up by only the most envious and crooked mind. And while scholars have suggested that Judas’ motive for betraying Jesus was in part due to his misunderstanding of the Kingdom that Jesus was trying to …

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Transfigure My Faith

Mountains are important to Jesus. During his earthly ministry, He would go to several different mountains for several different reasons, including His temptations (Matthew 4:1-11), His all-night prayer before selecting the Apostles (Luke 6:12-13), and to deliver the greatest sermon ever (Matthew 5-7). But on occasion, He took three of His apostles with him – …

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