Joseph is Now Second in Command (Genesis 41:40)

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After nearly 13 years of captivity, slavery, servitude, and isolation, Joseph’s (literal) dreams from when he was a boy have come true. Joseph is now the second in command over all of Egypt during a time period known as the Middle Kingdom.

Egypt was a global powerhouse, with around 2 million citizens within their borders. It’s also possible that the Pharaoh that Joseph served during this time was Sunsret III — a man so revered that he was deified and honored with his own cult while he was still alive.

If the above is true, then Joseph’s ascension to this post is not just fortuitous for the immediate generation, but for all future Egyptians as well. The middle Kingdom — especially the time period under Senusret III — was one of great organizational progress. Administration of various areas, military domination of foreign powers, and economic stability were hallmarks of this time period.

And Joseph is at the center of it. At the ripe old age of 30, Joseph has found himself suddenly with more power than ever before. 

And yet, despite his age, Joseph has shown remarkable wisdom and capabilities well beyond his years. It makes sense though, when you consider his on-the-job experience until this point.

In Genesis 37:14, his father tasked him with seeing how his older brothers were doing in the field pasturing the flock.

In Genesis 39:4, Joseph becomes chief steward over Potiphar’s house. Since Potiphar was the captain of Pharaoh’s bodyguard, it’s possible that Joseph’s name had already floated around royal circles.

Later, in the same chapter, the chief jailer puts Joseph in charge of the welfare of every prisoner. 

Joseph has demonstrated his capabilities in every facet of his life so far. Everywhere he went, he’s succeeded — not because of who he is, but because of who God is. 

Managing the grain supply of an entire empire should be a walk in the park.